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Night to Shine is back in-person in 2023 and we cannot wait to welcome our friends with special needs on the red carpet, to see the smiles, to dance the dances, crown our queens and kings and to celebrate with each other. 

Cool fact ~ NTS23 is the 6th year that Erie will join 700 churches around the world celebrating hundreds of thousands of people with special needs.  Why always in February?  Night to Shine is always held the Friday before Valentine's Day in every country around the world, in every U.S. state and in every city - clearly, Erie weather in February is not taken into consideration :) If you have joined us in the past, you know we have experienced the weather you would expect in Erie in February ... but that doesn't stop us ~ 3 wintry in-person events, one snowy drive-through event and one freezing delivery event.

If you'd like to be part of this global movement of acceptance and love for people with special needs and have your life changed while changing the lives of others, please contact us to find ways that you can be part of our favorite night of the year!.


Linda Hennigan

Event Director                       


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     Erie Night to Shine                 814-504-0581


2023    Erie Night to Shine
Friday, February 10th

nts20 high five.jpg
nts20 crowning2.jpg

Erie Night to Shine  ~ Planning Committee

Linda Hennigan, Chair 

  Rev. Richard Toohey, Our Lady of Peace Church   Luke Lecce

Brianna Weber

Lisa Keating

Michelle Ohmer

Mary Beth Whitman

Joe Bello

Kim Serafin


nts20 ymca.jpg
nts20 fun.jpg

Wonderful night!  Thanks to all the volunteers and buddies for making this a special night.                                                                                                                                                     -  Marcia Kowalczyk

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